Rainbow Bridge

Yogie_LSGYogie Bear

Yogie Bear was Linda’s first miniature long haired red haired dachshund. Linda chose Yogie Bear to be Honeybear’s playmate when Honeybear was only 1 year old. Thus, started the “bear” family! Yogie Bear was passionate about Honeybear, chasing lizards and snuggling with Linda. She crossed to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14 in 2015, survived by her sister, Teddi Bear, a labradodle, Pooh Bear, a miniature black and tan long haired dachsie and Smokey Bear, a miniature dapple long haired dachsie! She will be missed greatly!


Honeybear was Linda’s beautiful yellow Labrador and constant companion for nearly every day of her 13 years on earth. Linda found her when she was only 6 weeks old, part of a 10-puppy litter, but was unable to take her home at that time because her condo didn’t allow pets. Not taking “no” for an answer, Linda decided to sell her condo and moved, with Honeybear, into a house which was to be their “fur”ever home. Shortly after Linda and Honeybear moved in, Linda met her wonderful husband, Bob, further blessing Honeybear with not only one parent, but two!

Honeybear passed away very suddenly on December 16, 2011. Visitors to the office are still surprised to “hear the news”, since Honeybear was the first thing they looked for when they walked through the office door. Through the years, Honeybear became just as well known as Linda, herself. She was very much loved and is very much missed!



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