Lawsuits handled through the court system are costly and time consuming. Mediation allows opposing parties to reach agreements that can be much more expedient and satisfying than a judge’s verdict. Mediation is a more informal process and is usually held in a less intimidating and non-adversarial atmosphere. Like judges, mediators are impartial. Unlike judges, mediators do not render verdicts. It is a mediator’s job to facilitate communication, narrow in on the issues, minimize the emotions, encourage the exploration of alternatives, and to assist in the parties coming to an acceptable agreement. The ideal outcome of any mediation is to have the parties come to a mutually satisfying resolution which avoids the need for further litigation fees. Advantages of mediation are time, cost and outcome.

About Linda

Linda is Florida Board Certified in both Wills, Trusts & Estates and Tax law, and has practiced for more than 25 years. She has served and continues to serve on local and Florida Bar Committees that are on the forefront of shaping the rules and policies for the legal community as well as contributing to Florida legislation. She is one of the rare attorneys who was also a Certified Public Accountant from 1979-2015 when she went inactive. Given all of her experience, credentials and desire to provide quality legal service to the public and legal colleagues, it was a natural step to become certified as a Circuit Court Mediator in January 2013.


Linda charges $350 per hour for mediation with the minimum of three hours. Please allow two weeks for scheduling and cancellations must be 72 hours prior to the scheduled mediation. Cancellation after that time period will incur a $500 fee. Linda is available to conduct mediations at the Pinellas County Courthouse or at other convenient locations. Travel expenses will be charged.

Mediation Certificate