Estate Planning with the Planning Navigator

Prepare for your first visit (1 Client Estate Planning Questionnaire)

– See video below

Questionnaire PDF
Prepare for your first visit (2 Clients Estate Planning Questionnaire)

– See video below

Questionnaire PDF
Estate Planning and Probate Terms Defined – Glossary

Our Unique Process

  • The Discovery Experience
    In the discovery process, complete the estate planning questionnaire to learn about you, your assets and your family.
  • The Griffin Office Advantage
    Enjoy a relaxing visit to our office to meet our professional staff while enjoying drinks and snacks. Don’t forget to greet our Labradoodle, Teddi Bear!
  • The Relationship Conference
    Connect with one of our caring attorneys to discuss your goals, your worries, your opportunities and your strengths.
  • The Clarification Letter
    Correspond with an attorney to clarify your goals and desires.
  • The Document Game Plan
    Review your draft documents outlined and mailed to you by an attorney.
  • The Review and Assurance Analysis
    Contact our office with changes, additions and/or questions you have and meet again with attorney, if necessary, assuring the documents reflect your desires and goals as expressed in The Relationship Conference.
  • The Signing Process
    Come in to our office to sign your documents that are intended to implement your desires and goals.
  • The Follow-Up Matrix
    We will send you copies of your documents in a notebook and will also help you with the transfer of assets, if needed or desired.

Estate Planning Questionnaire